Professional Interior Designing

Interior Design IdeasEvery home owner wants a home that can stand for his own choices and personal preferences, and of course, to achieve that in the right perspective, it is more than essential to have an interior expert. Sadly, not all budgets are the same. In fact, less than one percent of all homeowners use these advanced and custom services. However, you don’t need to be sad. In this very special post, we will try to unleash some of the ideas that are often used by professional designs, but without actually toppling the budget.

Invest in New Elements:

First things first, you should start with creating a uniform look for the house, and that’s pretty much possible with fresh paint. Look for a color scheme that would complement the existing architecture and for this, you can simply head to the showroom of any known paint brand, and they will give you some great ideas. It doesn’t matter whether you can invest in high-end residential architecture, but with small things, the changes can be pretty evident for the interiors. The next thing is crown molding, which can help in creating a smooth transformation for the walls and ceilings. You don’t need to go for old school designs, because the contemporary ideas are equally good.

Change the Window Decor:

This is another thing that can be done in a budget. Curtains are easily the most visible fabric in any room, and when you choose something that’s feeble and cheap, you create a straight bad impression. Start with understanding what kind of curtains can work wonders with your furniture, and if you have the space, you can use the windows for placing indoor plants and even a few decorative.

Tweak the Lighting:

Nothing works better for any room than good lighting. If you want to change the feel of the room, add some warm lights and a few pendant lamps. You can also balance free standing lamps in the mix, while adding lights on areas that need attention. Play with the tones of lights, because every light creates a new kind of appeal, and you can find quite a few choices even for smaller budgets.

Should I Hire a Designer?

Now this is a question, which depends on your budget and choices. Many homeowners feel that taking risks on their own may mean more expenses and mistakes, while others like the idea of creating contemporary designs that reflect their picks and choices. However, there is no denying that interior designers and experts have their own take on spaces and they can offer great value for the money you spend. The best idea is to ask the designer for his fees and charges, and you can further assign the project on a strict budget. That way, you will not run out of money and will have all the things done to the best levels of perfection.

Check with a few designers and discuss the options for knowing better!


New design trends in traditional hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is becomingly increasingly popular, but unlike a lot of trends, it’s not one that will be completely new to you. Hardwood floors have been around for centuries, and that’s not surprising when you consider the durability and natural good looks of hardwood. In the past few years, the way in which hardwood flooring has been used has produced some exciting results and shown that there’s life in the old wood yet. Here are some tips to help you really maximise the benefits of this stunning flooring.

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Mix it up

Mixing up different varieties of hardwood in a room used to be a bit of a no-no in the flooring world, but we’re now discovering just how exciting a bit of experimentation can be. Putting together contrasting tones can create some striking results that create really individual décor. Essentially, dare to be different and you could have a truly special look in your home.

Wider planks and natural vintage styles

Wider planks give a more contemporary feel and are great for creating a sense of increased space in a room. Planks from 4″ to as wide as 12” can provide a look that is much more rustic and much smoother, due to fewer seams. This antique style is updated by combining the wider planks with modern colours and cool tones. From those finished vintage looks come a more distressed presentation that is scoring big points with designers and architects alike. The distressed style is all about celebrating the scratches, notches and wear and tear of solid wood flooring.

Additionally, hardwood has great environmental benefits, so it’s just as good for the planet as it is your home.

More examples of the types of hardwood available can be found online, at reliable suppliers, such as

Dark, grey and white tones

Dark colours such as ebony and dark walnut have always been especially popular as hardwood flooring. However, people are daring to go darker still, with even darker shades constantly being added to the market. Grey is a colour which has really boomed in sales, as it’s a natural tone which brings out the woods character. White washes are also climbing the charts, although they are usually wire-brushed or mixed with grey for a more modern look.


Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Dirty

An air conditioning system’s surfaces collect a lot of dust, dirt and debris because of the constant movement of particle-laden air across them and the debris left behind by small pests like insects and rodents. Although filters near the motor and on vents, if applicable, help to prevent damage to the system and clean the air you breathe, they require regular maintenance.

To determine if your AC needs to be cleaned, look for these signs:

Dusty Surfaces

If you clean furniture and other room surfaces and then see dust again right after you turn on the AC or within a day or two, then you have a problem. Dust and dirt on internal parts like the fan and motor also indicate a dirty system. Additionally, you’re dealing with a dirty system if the ducts and vent grates, if applicable, contain dust and dirt, cobwebs, leaves or any other debris.

Clogged Filter

Although the filter or filters in your system are designed to prevent particles from exiting it in the air that cools your home or office, any type of filter should never have so much dust and dirt on it that air can’t pass through it with ease. Clogged filters reduce air flow, which can then cause system overheating, damage to parts and even a fire.

Poor Flow

If the air coming out of the register on a wall or window air conditioner or registers in a total home heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are putting out only a small amount of air, then you might be dealing with a dirty filter, unit or ducts. Poor air flow can also be a sign of a non-working fan, but it is best to check for dirt and debris first.

Warm Air

Debris buildup on the cooling mechanism in any type of air conditioner causes a cycle of ice build-up and melting that results in poor performance. The dirt insulates the coil or other system that cools the air. The air that flows over the cooling mechanism then fails to cool enough to bring a room or building temperature down to your chosen temperature setting. The system also runs longer in an attempt to reach that setting, which can cause overheating and more warm air flow.

Never forget that your air conditioner might still be dirty if it has clean indoor parts. The back of a window AC, for example, might have leaves blocking its air intake vents. With outdoor HVAC units, you might find insect or animal nests, leaves or dirt from nearby lawns or gardens after a rain or snow storm.

For more information, contact the air conditioning specialists at One Hour Air Conditioning of Springfield, Inc. at


A few tips to help improve your kitchen for this summer



The kitchen is one of the most important places in the home. When your kitchen is nicely put together and you enjoy being there, you’re more likely to have a happier time when cooking and you won’t try to just throw something together to get out of there. You’ll find yourself fixing things you actually enjoy and not living off of macaroni and Ramen just because they’re quick to make. If you are looking for home improvement tips for your kitchen this summer, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Lighting can make all the difference.

If your kitchen tends to have poor lighting, it will bring the entire mood down. Brighten the atmosphere and the entire room will feel much better and can even make it feel bigger!

  1. Organize your drawers.

This will help everything to feel less cluttered. Clutter really makes a kitchen feel dingy and dirty but when everything has a place, the space will feel more open and you’ll feel more relaxed in the kitchen.

  1. Rugs can boost your home improvement.

If you use a rug as a splash of color in your kitchen, you’ll really notice the difference! As an added bonus, it makes the floor much more comfortable to stand on whether you have shoes on or are barefoot.

  1. Faucets are a great way to improve a used kitchen.

If you’ve bought a used kitchen for sale and it feels a little old, renovate the faucet and you’ll notice how it automatically looks much newer and modern!

  1. Update your handles.

When your cabinets have new handles or your door has a new knob, the overall appearance of your kitchen will look new and fresh. The updated handles can do wonders for your cabinets.

  1. Storage space helps to declutter.

Clutter really is the fastest way to make a pretty kitchen look dirty. When you add in storage space and things can finally be organized, your space will be opened up.

  1. Dish racks take a load off your back.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you’ll need a good dish rack to hold your dishes when they’re drying. Free up your counter space with a nice-looking dish rack!

  1. Cover up ugly counters.

New counters are expensive but you don’t have to replace them just because they’re gross to look at. You can paint them (if you own them) or you can cover them with something. Once they’re out of sight, your kitchen will look much nicer.

  1. Change up the little details.

The little details will add up and make a big difference in your kitchen. For example, if your trim looks dirty, your whole kitchen will look dirty. Pay attention to the small details and your kitchen will thank you!

Whether you are looking to buy a used kitchen or just looking for some tips, you can find out a lot more on the rest of our website. A lot of websites have a lot of variety if you are looking for a used kitchen for sale. To buy a used kitchen is a really good idea if you can’t afford a brand new one, you won’t get a bad deal. Gently used kitchens will provide you with a high-quality alternative for a much better price!



Guide To Select The Best Home Remodeling Companies For Your Project

The success of your luxury home remodeling solely depends on how successful you are in selecting a service provider who is the right choice for you. Selecting a suitable company may sometimes be time consuming but the efforts will pay off in the long run as you get a host of benefit from the right choice. The overall project becomes less stressful as work would be completed on time, according to your requirements and specifications, quality work will be carried out, and work related issues and mistakes can be minimized.

How To Select A Remodel Contractor

When beginning to search for luxury home remodeling companies it is best to first start with doing your own research. It is best to try and get recommendations from trusted sources like friends, family and co-workers. You could also look at online sources which provide adequate reviews and referrals. Start your search with companies licensed and registered with relevant local regulatory bodies.

Make sure you start off with having many options so that you can narrow down you search gradually. Consider the experience levels of each of the contractors. Experience similar to your project needs would be more useful rather than overall experience. Next evaluate the credentials the company states they have. This would include training, certifications, and also insurance. Also if the company works with subcontractors, look into their experience and credentials as well. You should also consider the transparency of the company and be able to get everything down in writing. Creativity should also be a selection criterion.

Red Flags To Avoid During Selection

The following are some factors to avoid when selecting a contractor.

  • Those who solicit door-to-door
  • Are pressurizing and prompt quick decisions
  • Require upfront cash payments only or suggest loan providers known to them
  • Do not undertake obtaining necessary building permits
  • Hesitant to provide guarantee for work or offer exceptionally long guarantees

Sometimes a company which is known to be a well reputed one may not be the best option for you. You may follow all the guidelines and recommendations but it is most important that you spend time in making a selection that would be ideal for you and your family’s needs. Also some home remodeling companies would have specialized expertise in specific areas such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen design, bedroom and living room remodel. Therefore is it best you first understand the nature of your remodeling project and choose a service provider accordingly.


Common Ideas To Save Money On Home Renovation

Deciding on home renovation can be complicated. There are so many aspects to be considered, and at the same time, you might want to achieve something more that you already have within a pre-decided budget. Let’s start by saying that home renovation projects can be different and varied, especially with regards to scale and expectations, and therefore, it makes sense to take a few tips. Read on to find some of the important aspects that matter the most.

Start with an evaluation

First things first, you have to decide on what you need and expect. For this, you will have to evaluate the current state of your property and find the major flaws and issues that need attention. Once you have the list, you can then start with the new list of things that should be included in the renovation project. Don’t be too fast with this step though, because most of the other things will depend on the scale of the project.

Know what you can afford

Not everyone invests in custom residential architecture, but with a great design team at work, you can achieve a lot more. It isn’t a good idea to set a budget based on whimsical ideas. Instead, you should hire a company that specializes in the same. Many people believe that DIY approach is the best way to save money, but unless you have experience in handling projects, you may end up spending much more than expected. To set a budget, ask a design company to give you a complete plan, with all the options. This will help you in a big way to deal with the finances.

Look ahead

Home renovation should yield the right results. Depending on your needs, try to consider the future expectations from the house. Will the kids need new rooms? What about an added patio? Do you want to change and design the theme of the interiors? If yes, what are the new objectives you have for the furniture and design concepts? These are just some of the smaller things that must be decided in advance. If you are expanding beyond the initial budget, you may need a loan. Consider how you can deal with the financial shuffle. Can you pay the repayments on time? How about installments? Check all these aspects before taking the leap.

Lastly, don’t miss on hiring the right contractor. There are all kinds of design services that can also take up the contracting job, and hence, these services may seem economical. For home renovation, it makes sense to choose a company that’s experienced and well known, so that you can be assured of the final results. Sometimes, a company may charge a tad high for their services, but often they can help in saving more, as there will be a dedicated timeline for the work and no wastage of time and resources. Check online to find some of the known names in business in your area, and don’t miss on asking all the questions you have!


Home Improvements to Increase Your Resale Value

Boosting the resell value of your home is essential when you are hoping to get the most you can out of your home. The right upgrades to your home will improve the visibility of the home, and can boost the overall value of your home. Use these tips to make some changes to your home.

Tip #1 – Add a Patio

Another way to boost your home’s value is by adding a deck or patio. The investment can bring upwards of $10,000 or more when you sell the home. A deck needs to be sturdy and approved by city restrictions to allow you to have the right value. A patio with window coverings is a great way to create a new look to the home. It is a good idea to plan on comparing different window treatments as some can be used to block out the sun and reduce energy costs.

Tip #2 – New Windows

Do you want the home to stand out? Adding new windows is a great selling point, and a great way to boost the value of the home. When you invest in new windows, you can drastically reduce energy bills. People often look at the windows and doors when they are browsing potential homes to purchase. A great way to make your home look immaculate is by adding new window shutters to the home. Custom shutters will help to allow light in during the right times of the day, and can keep it out when it is too warm. Custom shutters will boost the value of your home, and give it a personalized element that potential homebuyers will not find elsewhere.

Tip #3 – Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling the kitchen is another great way to boost the value of your home. You need to look at the different options that you can afford. Some people can spend upwards of $50,000 on a kitchen remodel or redesign. The goal is to create a functional kitchen that looks impressive. You can easily do the work on your own and save thousands of dollars. Simple things like refinishing the cabinets will give your kitchen a nicer look. Another thing you can do is to add some tile flooring. Tile looks nicer and boost the value of the kitchen. People always look at the kitchen when they are debating what home they would like to purchase. Adding wooden shutters to the kitchen is a great option to give it a new look, and to have privacy when you want a romantic dinner.

Tip #4 – Bathroom

The bathroom is another place that people commonly look at when they are debating the value of the home. Even a basic paint job to the bathroom will boost the value of the bathroom. Opt for lighter colors as it makes the bathroom look larger than it is. Upgrade other areas of the bathroom as well including the cabinets. If you cannot afford a new tub plan to do a basic upgrade such as refinishing the tub. It will make it look nicer and boost the resell value. Adding windows to the bathroom with the right custom shutters will provide additional light to the room, making it feel larger. The shutters will allow for privacy when you need it, and help the bathroom to have a unique look that truly stands out.

Tip #5 – Landscaping

People are looking for curb appeal when they consider a home. If your landscaping doesn’t look nice, it will make it hard for people to stop and consider buying your home. Add some fresh plants and flowers to get people to stop and notice your home. Exterior shutters are a great way for people to see a little originality added to your home without too much additional effort.

These six tips will help you boost your home’s value so you can make a nice profit when you plan on selling your home.


Painting and Restoring Rattan Garden Furniture

A set of rattan garden furniture is quickly becoming a fixture of any British garden, patio or private outdoor area. This material has captured the heart of many a garden owner with its combination of sturdiness, durability and visual appeal, and these sets are long-standing best sellers within the British home and garden industry as a result.

If one shortcoming can be attributed to rattan, however, it is the fact that it tends to damage in the long run. In other words, rattan garden furniture tends to get ratty. Fortunately for home-owners dealing with this problem, rattan pieces can be brought back to tip-top shape simply and inexpensively – and this article will describe how.

Painting Rattan Garden Furniture

The best way to bring a piece of rattan garden furniture back to life is to give it a coat of varnish or paint – although home-owners are advised that painting rattan diminishes its market value. Still, if the pieces in a set are starting to look tatty or frayed, it is not entirely a bad idea to spruce them up a bit.

To paint a piece of rattan garden furniture, a home-owner should start by applying an undercoat of primer to it. A primer is a solution often used by painters to ensure the paint will adhere well to their material of choice, and the use of such a product can go a long way towards helping a restored piece look good.

Once a coat of primer has been applied, the item is ready for re-painting. Home-owners are advised that traditional liquid paint is not the best choice for painting rattan furniture; rather, spray-paint should be used wherever possible, as it provides a much smoother and even finish. Restorers should likewise not be afraid to apply more than one coat of paint to their piece; the more coats are layered atop one another, the more even the end result will look.

Once the piece is fully re-painted, it should be left to dry overnight. Any missed spots or patches can then be corrected with some final re-touching, to ensure the refurbished piece looks as good as new!

Home-owners seeking to restore their rattan pieces should note that this process is ideally carried out outdoors, or in a well-ventilated space. Care should also be taken to ensure the item is thoroughly wiped down prior to applying the primer and paint, to help remove any impurities and achieve optimal results.

Restoring Rattan Garden Furniture

Painting is not the only way to restore run-down or frayed rattan garden furniture. Home-owners wishing to preserve their set’s original look can simply carry out a very simple restoration process, which has the added perk of not devaluing vintage or highly re-sellable pieces.

Restoring a piece of rattan furniture without using paint calls for linseed oil and a soft brush. Once these tools are at hand, the piece should be carefully inspected to suss out any cracks, splits or scuffs in the material. The linseed oil should then be applied to these areas in repeated layers, until it begins to run off. This indicates the rattan has absorbed as much oil as it can, making any further layers moot. By this point, restorers should be able to see a measure of change in the piece’s appearance, as a result of the rattan absorbing the oil and using it to fill and correct its own imperfections. Once all the scuffs, cracks and splits have been dealt with, the piece should wiped down and left to dry overnight, just like freshly-painted pieces.

Either or both of these methods can ensure rattan garden furniture is revitalized and made to look as good as new again. Home-owners fretting about their frayed, cracked rattan set can therefore rest easy in the knowledge that the solution to their problem is easy, inexpensive and will not take up much of their time.


Types Of Fences To Keep Off Wild Animals

Even though they are beautiful to look at, they tend to be destructive especially if you have a garden. The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways of preventing them from accessing your farm. One of the most effective ways of controlling them is installing fences. Here are some of the best fences that you can use:

Rabbit fences

From their name, rabbit fences are units that prevent rabbits from accessing your farm. If your area is prone to rabbit attacks, these are the units that you should install. They are characterized by close spacing of wires near the bottom and wider spacing near the top. If you have money you should install them all around your home, but if you don’t have a large budget you should install them around individual plants.

Bird netting

If you have berries and fruit crops you should protect them from birds by installing bird netting. Bird nets come in different sizes and materials. There are some that are made from stainless steel while others are made from plastic. You should choose the one that meets your needs. Regardless of the net that you buy ensure that it’s tough. Also ensure that it’s easy to install and is soft on plants.

Floppy fences

Floppy fences aid in preventing groundhogs and other animals that can climb fences from accessing your garden. When installing them you should secure the top part tight to the posts, but leave the top part loose. When an animal tries climbing the fence, the top part pulls over under the animal’s weight and it falls off.

Solid wall

Sometimes wire and plastic fences aren’t enough to keep off animals especially the small ones such as rabbits. If you are having problems keeping the animals out you should consider installing a solid wall. For ideal results ensure that the fence you use is not less than 5 feet high. During installation ensure that the gate is as tall as the fence.


For very small gardens you should install cages made from stainless steel or plastic. Ensure that the cages are securely grounded so that the animals don’t knock them down.


These are some of the fences that you can install in your garden to keep off different animals. For the fences to last for a long time ensure that you buy them from a reputable store. Also ensure that they are installed by an experienced professional.


How To Care For Your Decor Furniture

Nothing says tacky about a home like dirty and worn out furniture. Many people will buy good furniture but let it run down by sheer negligence or lack of know how on caring for it. In other cases the furniture may be worn out by the heavy and abusive use. If the furniture was of poor quality it breaks down very quickly.

Decor furniture especially that covered in upholstery can get dirty quite fast if not cared for well or exposed to dust and mud. Sofas, beds, and other furniture covered upholstery are also susceptible to fade with time if left in harsh sunlight.

Any furniture shop that sells shabby chic will have some tips to share on how to care for their distressed decor furniture.


Upholstery should be vacuumed at least once weekly and the loose covers laundered weekly too. Dirt that has fallen in hard to reach places like crevices under cushions should also be cleared with a narrow object.

Protecting fabric

Spills and stains can be avoided by using spray fabric protectors. These can be applied when the upholstery is being installed. You can also buy commercial.

Caring for cushions

Cushions that remain at one point for long tend to sink as they get sat on day after day. It is important to flip them and rotate them to another spot.

Rearrange furniture

To avoid one item being used too frequently and wearing out faster than the rest of the furniture, rearrange the furniture at least once in six months.

Rest covers

Headrests, chair backs and armrests wear out faster than the rest of the parts. They also get dirty faster as they come into contact with bare skin and hair. One can get a cover for the rest in the same color. These covers are barely noticeable but very effective in protecting the upholstery fabric.

Washable slip covers are very good to use in warm weather as they can be easily washed while they effectively protect the furniture against stains and spills.

Caring for bare wood

For bare parts of furniture, a damp cloth should be used to wipe off dust and any other stains. Dusting frequently is advised to prevent the dust from caking into a hard coat that is harder to get off.

You can choose to renew the shine on bare wood by using polish or wax. Applying polish is easier but polish can cake up if applied too many times. Wax can be washed off with oil soap and a new coat applied.

When the upholstery gets too old you can always head back to the store and purchase more shabby chic items for a new distressed home decor.


Decorating With White Fixtures for a Versatile Interior Space

No matter how much one denies it, they enjoy switching up their interiors. With as many times as interior décor trends and styles change, it’s no surprise that it’s necessary in order to keep a home or office looking fresh and modern. White TV cabinets, bookshelves, desks and cabinetry are great options for many spaces, as white never goes out of style. Ask any interior decorating professional and they’ll say that white is the perfect choice for any room.

White fixtures feel clean, and make a space appear more open and bright. This is especially helpful for smaller spaces, where adding dark colors and decor could make it feel even tinier. For anyone that has a home or office with white trim, adding white TV cabinets will allow for a seamless fit and it may even look as though they were built with the structure. Explore the most popular uses for white TV cabinets and other elements and get creative.

White TV Cabinets

There are so many styles of white TV cabinets to choose from, they not only mount and display a television but provide areas for Blu-ray players and discs, stereos, video game consoles, remotes, cords, and other media elements. Those that come with shelves give homeowners a place to display photos, artwork or books to name a few ideas. They also feature cabinetry that can be closed should one want to hide components.

Truly, white TV cabinets can be very basic or quite involved. The choice is that of the person who is decorating. For a minimalistic look there are TV shelves and cabinets that are floating, and attach to the wall. There are also full wall shelves attached to the cabinet depending on how big the entertainment center is.

White Bookshelves

Bookshelves, like white TV cabinets come in all sizes and shapes. Whatever amount of books or items that need to be accommodated for, there is a bookshelf that will work. From one shelf to an average of six, the choice is the owners which will work best with existing decor. They can be tall and thin, or short and wide; the options are endless.

Unlike White TV cabinets, bookshelves are mainly for books and perhaps some decorative elements if there aren’t enough books to fill each shelf. Being white, they can be placed against a wall, and if the wall is also a light color the room will still feel quite open.

White Cabinets

What differentiates cabinets from shelves or white TV cabinets is that they are all enclosed. Cabinets are most popular in the kitchen and bathroom for storing toiletries and dry goods in the kitchen. However, sometimes they are a part of the bookshelf giving users the best of both worlds. Being able to close a cabinet to hide the TV and other consoles

Which type of white fixture is used is purely a matter of choice. Depending on what elements one has, be it books and decorative items or mostly entertainment equipment, or even a little of both. Many find that using white is best, as it’s a timeless color. Plus, should they decide they want to switch up the decor, it’s much easier this way. White TV cabinets and shelves can be painted, or they can blend seamlessly with existing decor.

Regardless, for anyone who wants to invest in a piece of furniture that will provide long lasting organization and look great within their interior spaces be it in a home or in an office, white shelves and cabinets are a very smart choice. Plus, they’re approved by decorating experts worldwide just for that reason.